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OnlineSchoolOptions is a custom-tailored college and university search. We ask a series of questions to help take some of the guesswork out of finding a school that offers what you are looking for. Most of the schools we work with offer online options many offer campus or a combination of both as well. Start with the Search Colleges box on any of the pages of our site and our system will walk you through it. No commitment of any kind on your part, this is simply information at this stage of things to help you find the right school for your individual needs.

Yep, 100% free. There is no fee to use our search. After you complete the process you may be contacted by any school you request information from. The schools will also provide free information. If you do decide to apply to the school, some schools do charge an application fee, some don’t so be sure to ask if that is a concern of yours and the school will let you know.

Yes and no, some schools do not have an application fee, but some schools do. It is always free to use our search and getting information from the school you are matched with is also free. If you do decide to apply, be sure to ask the school if there is a fee to apply if it is a concern of yours.

Yes, we do require you to enter some personal information, that information is answers to questions like what do you want to study?, what degree are you looking to get?, do you want to study online or on campus? We do also ask for name, email, phone and address. We do that for a few reasons. The address helps us match you with schools in your local area if that is of interest. We also use your information for visitors that come back several times. If you don’t find the right school the first time, we can use your info to make sure you see a new option on subsequent searches. Lastly, and only with your permission, we will send your contact info to any school you request information from. Many of the schools will email you info and/or call or email you to help answer your specific questions and get you started when you are ready to apply, enroll and start classes.

Don’t worry, if you don’t see your specific degree or area of interest listed on our site, we still have you covered. You will notice in our search widget an option for other then if you select not listed you will be able to type in exactly what you are looking for. Our search algorithm will then factor in your answer and yield as close of a match as possible. It isn’t prefect all the time, but we are getting better and better and learn from any time we can’t match a person. So please give it a try, we’ll do our best.

Yes, the OnlineSchoolOptions search widget has zero fees and zero strings attached, it is purely here to help with people that are at the college information stage of things. If you are ready to start classes immediately, great, we can help with that. If you are looking to go to school years from now and are just planning things, no problem, we can help with that as well. Where you earn your degree and what you study is many times one of the most important decisions in a person’s lifetime. Good luck. Hope we can help.